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Children Empowerment Center Construction for Syrian Children

Friday, June 10th, 2016

Rayhanli.  Conflict in Syria which has entered the fourth year and claimed more than 250,000 people has not come to an end. Humanitarian crisis due to this conflict has become the worst humanitarian crisis after World War II.

According to data published by the United Nations, around 13.5 million people including 6 million children need humanitarian aid. A total of 6.5 million people including 2.8 million children evacuate in Syria and 4.2 million people were forced to evacuate to Syria’s neighboring countries. On average, every hour 50 Syrian families have had to evacuate since 2011.

This crisis has given bad impact to Syrian civilians. Opportunities to get education, work, happiness and harmonious family turn sour. The heaviest impact for children is children have to lose their parents or relatives due to war.

In response to the condition, the National Humanitarian Institution PKPU will build housing complex for Syrian orphans and children in Rayhanli city, Hatay province, Turkey, about 3 km from the border region of Syria. PKPU will join consortium of various international humanitarian institutions to build orphan housing complex on the 100,000-m2-land.

Deni Kurniawan from PKPU humanitarian team for Syria on Tuesday (17/05/2016) who visited the process of orphan housing complex construction in Rayhanli said that this orphan housing complex consists of 35 houses for boys and 20 houses for girls. Housing complex for boys and girls is separated. So are their school and activities. One house accommodates 18 children, so that the number of orphans in the complex reaches 990. Every house has counselors divided into 2 shifts in the morning and at night. In total, there are 330 counselors from Syria.

“The total size of the house in the 1st and the 2nd floor is 350 m2. Besides house for orphans, this complex also has mosque for 500 people, clinic, elementary and junior high schools for boys and girls, sport field, conference center, psychotherapy center, small farm as part of psychotherapy and other supporting facilities. Children in this complex are aged 6-10 years old and they will live in the housing complex until university level,” he added. (Aldi/Putri/PKPU)



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