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Garut Flood Victims Get Houses and Mosques from PKPU HI

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

GARUT – Flash flood which hit Garut, West Java on September 21, 2016 left damage for the flood victims.
At least 2.529 houses are damaged and 830 of them are heavily damaged.
“PKPU Human Initiative as a humanitarian institution has tried to respond actively to the disaster since day 1,” PKPU HI President, Agung Notowiguno said in the launching of 10 Houses and Mosques for the Flood Victims in Blok Kopi Lombong, Sukagalih village, Tarogong Kidul district, Garut, West Java.
Agung revealed that entering recovery period, PKPU HI along with Garut regency government is committed to rebuilding the damaged houses.
The groundbreaking was held on November 3, 2016 and attended by PKPU HI President, Agung Notowiguno and Garut Vice Regent, Helmi Budiman.
The launching began with the signing of launching inscription by Garut Regent, Rudy Gunawan. It continued with the handing over of the house key to one of receivers.
Then it continued with the observation of houses and mosques built by PKPU Human Initiative. The people are really excited to get the houses as witnessed by Garut Regent and PKPU HI President.
Seizing the momentum of Ramadhan holy month, the event continued with preach and fast breaking together with the disaster victims. (ira/kis/pkpu_hi)

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