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Rain Does Not Hamper Humanity Action

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

BOGOR – To show humanity among humans, PKPU Human Initiative in cooperation with Human Appeal Int. of United Arab Emirates held free medical treatment program (PROSMILING) for people in Kp. Kawakilan Tiga, Leuwiliang district, Bogor regency, West Java Province on Saturday, February 4, 2017.
Since morning, the weather had not really been friendly. The rain fell so heavily until the afternoon. However, it did not hamper medical volunteers to help each other. PROSMILING kept going on and the program receivers looked enthusiastic. The rain boosted their spirit to give benefit and strengthen togetherness.
PROSMILING HAI UEA has been held for the 8th time. Previously, it was held in Aceh and Semarang. This time it was held in Leuwiliang, providing medical service in the form of general medical treatment consisting of blood pressure checkup, doctor consultation, medicine procurement, health counseling on the clean and healthy lifestyle as well as additional food distribution such as milk and biscuit.
The service which was available from 09.00 to 12.00 West Indonesia Time (WIB) has given benefit to 138 people and 64 children under five. Mostly, they suffer from acute respiratory infection (ISPA) as well as muscle, joint and connective tissue diseases.
It is expected that the people will be more productive and more concerned about health. The program is also expected to identify patients who need follow-up treatment. Hadi as the head of RT 03/03 neighborhood unit expressed thanks to PKPU and HAI UEA for helping the people. Medical facility in the area is indeed quite far, which is in the district Community Health Center (Puskesmas) and people needs to go by public transportation.
Health is a basic need of human that should be fulfilled. Therefore, PKPU Human Initiative is always committed to becoming #SolusiPeduli or #CareSolution to improve people’s health. (Tatiek/Gie/PKPU)

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